Thanks for visiting this site. I hope it’s given you some new, creative inspiration for your next marketing project. Over the last 2 years, I’ve dedicated myself to understanding print manufacturing. I’ve been fortunate to work for one of the top sheet fed printers in the country because it has given me invaluable exposure to custom UV printing, die cutting and direct mail.

This site is dedicated to my print sample library that I’ve built, categorized and organized. When I work with my clients to develop dramatic marketing pieces, these samples help people visualize and piggyback on great ideas. Print is definitely not dead and probably will never completely die. Actually, recent advances in print manufacturing are pretty amazing. Print delivers an effect that emails, youtube videos, and banner adds can’t touch…Literally. Sometimes companies need a guide to show them the way to elevate their brand. Sweet Idea Dude is here to provide free content, ideas, and resources for marketing professionals. I’d highly recommend reaching out if you find something you like on the site. Additional information may be available about the project including turn around, samples/die lines, pricing, design best practices, etc.

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