Camel Sound Wave Mailer

Camel invites their followers to register online and create their own DJ mix. The best sounds win prizes. Inside the mailer are perforated coupons with discounts for packs and cartons of cigarettes. Interesting that the main focus of this piece is not the product they are selling; it elicits the experience of an EDM festival. Camel builds interactive experiences around things their customers enjoy – not related to smoking. Smoking is just part of that experience.

Basic Specs

Envelope Brochure Sleeve
Paper 80 lb. Silk Cover 100 lb. Silk Cover
Size Flat: 12.6875 x 12.125 Final: 10.625 x 6.125 Flat: 10.875 x 9.625 Final: 5.4375 x 9.625 Flat: 20 x 7.625   Final: 10 x 5.875
Ink 4c/4c + Soft Touch Aqueous Coating 4c/4c + Overall Satin Aqueous Coating K/4c + Overall Satin Aqueous Coating
Process Convert Envelopes; Cut, Score, Fold Brochure; Die Cut, Strip, Form Sleeve; Insert Brochure into Sleeve and then into Envelope; Fugitive Glue Shut, Inkjet Address, Sort, Tray, Mail

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