Scenic Tours Die Cut Double Gate

Scenic Tours has some of the most luxurious cruises in remote, historic and exotic places. This direct mail piece is promoting their cruise to Antarctica. The opening copy says ” Experience Wonder At The End of The Earth: The White Continent.” It makes the trip sound epic. The inside pages give you the trip route, cost, and glimpses of what you will discover and the luxury you will experience. The piece is an interesting iteration of a double gate fold with a base brochure that is die cut. The die cut interplays with the imagery of the penguins. Brilliant piece printed on a fine uncoated paper that gives is a formal feel.

Basic Specs

Paper 100 lb. Premium Uncoated Cover
Ink 4cUV/4cUV + PMS Metallic Gold Ink
Size Flat: 25.25 x 9.625 | Final: 5.5 x 8.5
Process Die Cut, Strip, Hand Fold, Apply Golden Wafer Seal, Insert Into Envelope, Seal, Sort, Tray, Mail

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