Accordion Fold-Out Map

American Planning Association is a $23 million dollar professional association for community planning and development. They have over 38,000 members in 100 countries, and chapters in 47 of the 52 states. They exist to provide charitable, educational, literary and scientific support for the art and science of planning. It was no coincidence that their annual conference was held in New Orleans, which is probably been the case study of the century in urban planning. A unique, pocket-sized map was developed to help guide members around the conference venue. It features a double accordion-fold interior with two cardstock covers. As you pull the cover cards apart the map folds out to reveal the center spread that usually features a map. The “muscle memory” in the paper fibers helps pull the map back into its original pocket-sized shape.

Basic Specs

Paper Cover: 12 pt C1S Cover | Body: 70 lb. Silk Text
Ink Cover: 4c/0c + Gloss Aqueous 1 Side | Body: 4c/4c
Size Flat: 11.5 x 20 | Final: 3 x 4.25
Process Trim and Double Accordion Fold Map; Die Cut Covers; Hand Affix Covers


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