Custom Document Holder

Cheap, flimsy, ugly, outdated, generic pocket folders, that are getting misplaced, tossed, torn, forgotten, ripped, left, trashed and judged, need to be replaced by creative, sturdy, durable, attractive, modern, compelling, custom folders. Does your pocket folder reflect the importance of the documents it holds? How would someone judge your brand based on the pocket folder your salespeople leave behind?

This document holder is durable with overall UV coating, four folded flaps and 1/4 inch capacity; it’s secure containing 20 to 30 sheets of paper and multiple brochures; it’s attractive raised UV gloss coating brings to live the artwork theme; it’s compelling people to open it because the outside is so nice, the inside must be too. The square shape makes it stand out too. Does having a good pocket folder really grow your business? No, but your brand does impact your business, and a good pocket folder is part of the marketing mix.

Basic Specs:

Paper 16 pt. C2S Cover
Ink 4c/4c + Raised UV Gloss Coating
Size Flat: 24 x 15 | Final: 9.375 x 9.25 x .25
Process Die Cut; Strip; Fold; Insert Brochures; Pack


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