USPS Piggy Bank Mailer

This is a continuation of the USPS Irresistible Mail campaign. To demonstrate how a financial company could utilize direct mail, they created a faux brand called Greenback Bank. Greenback Bank is appealing to families with young children. “It’s never too early to learn about saving money.”

From the get-go, this looks like something for children. I thought it might be for a toy store. You don’t realize it is a custom window envelope until you open it up. The tactile experience is very unique: soft touch coating on the teal color and raised sandpaper UV on the fence and tree. Notice how the address is on the backside of the envelope, which gives extra real estate on the front for branding. The window doesn’t even have the address information like a typical mail piece. Inside you find a two sided card and a poster fold out. The poster is perforated so a child can remove and assemble a paper piggy bank.

Basic Specs:

Envelope Card Poster
Paper 100 lb. Matte Text 100 lb. Gloss Cover 110 lb. Gloss Cover
Ink 4cUV/4cUV + Spot Soft Touch Aqueous Coating + Spot Raised Sandpaper UV Coating 4cUV/4cUV + Spot Soft Touch Aqueous Coating + Spot Raised Gloss UV Coating
Size 9 X 6.0625 9 X 5.75 Flat Size: 18.0625 X 11.5625 | Final Size: 9.125 x 5.875
Process Die Cut, Strip, Convert Envelope; Cut to size Card; Die Cut Poster with MicroPerfs; Hand Fold Poster; Insert Card and Poster Into Envelope; Inkjet Address Envelope; Sort, Seal, Tray, Mail

USPS Piggy Bank Mailer


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