Du Pont Flower Brochure

This is an all time favorite of mine. Du Pont continues to kill it with these sales conference program brochures. Can you guess where this conference was held? Hawaii. If this doesn’t motivate you to sell, I don’t know what will. The brochure is filled with beautiful, tropical shots and the cover features the famous Hawaiian Yellow Hibiscus.

A picturesque beach front shot is printed on a custom, gloss envelope. Inside there is a dramatic, flower shape die cut brochure with raised UV giving the petals texture. The inside photos are coated with a dull UV varnish that produces a subdued, relaxed effect – almost like you’re in a dream.

Basic Specs:

Brochure Envelope
Paper 80 lb. Sterling Premium Gloss Cover 100 lb. Sterling Ultra Gloss Text
Ink 4cUV/4cUV + Raised UV Coating 4cUV/4cUv + Overall Gloss UV Coating
Size Flat: 18 x 9 | Final: 9 x 9 9.5 x 9.5
Process Die Cut; Strip; Hand Fold; Stitch Die Cut; Convert

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