MarkTen E-Cig Mailer

It’s a hard sell to convince cigarette smokers to switch to an electronic cigarette, but MarkTen has developed a smooth looking e-cig. It easily could be mistaken for a real cigarette because it’s small, thin and white. MarkTen was prepared do throw down some serious cash marketing this new product. It’s what they had to do to give it a fighting chance in the rapidly expanding vaporizer marketplace.

This compact, die cut self-mailer is tricked out with dramatic UV printing effects. Gloss and dull varnishes build contrast between the black background and the product shots, while gloss UV coating hits the bold red artwork elements. MarkTen knows that smoking is a habit, so they give away your first e-vapor device kit for only $1 with the coupons inside. The goal of this mailer is to get the recipient into a  grocery store, gas station or convenience store to redeem the coupon Рthey provide a web URL to look up the closest store.

Basic Specs:

Paper 110 lb. Gloss Cover
Ink 4c/4c + PMS Red + PMS Black + Spot Gloss and Dull UV Varnishes + Spot Gloss UV Coating
Size Flat: 26.125 x 4.875 | Final: 6.5 x 4.875
Process Die Cut (Scores and Perfs); Strip; Fold; Spot Glue; Sort, Tray, Mail






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